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Product Details:
Actors: David Ladd, Arthur O'Connell, Pam Smith, Anne Seymour, Duke Farley
Director: James B. Clark
Format: Multiple Formats, Color, Dolby, NTSC
Language: English
Number of Discs: 1
Studio: Koch Vision
Run Time: 91 minutes
DVD Release Date: November 25, 2008
Average Customer Rating: based on 129 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 129 customer reviews )
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4Very Close To The Book  May 02, 2003
By G. H. Chapman
This movie was made in 1961, just four years after my family moved from Chincoteague. Many of the great town folk of Chincoteague are in the movie, including the barber that used to cut my hair when I was four, and gave me a penny for not crying.
I've seen the DVD version recently, almost 50 years since my last Pony Penning Day. It brought back so many memories of my childhood, and my favorite book at the time. It has a great message for children - set goals, work hard, and you will achieve - it also shows the love man has for God's great creatures. A great movie for kid's who love horses!!

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3Mostly Faithful to the Book  Aug 03, 2002
By smctopia
Shot on location on Chincoteague and Assateague Island, this movie wisely sticks to the original souce material. Misty fans of all ages will want to see this movie so they can see the places mentioned in the book and watch a real Pony Penning Day roundup.
Both the book and movie characters were based on real people (and ponies). Misty was an equine celebrity with children all over America. After a storm nearly destroyed Chincoteague, the real Misty often appeared in theaters where this film was shown to raise money to rebuild the island.
Arthur O'Connell as Grandpa Beebe was a disappointment. He doesn't speak in the warm, grizzled ways like the character in the book and he doesn't even have a Southern accent.
The film was shot in CinamaScope and the video is formatted in pan-and-scan. There are many instances during the film where the cropped picture looks distorted because of this. If you really want to enjoy the beauty of this film, hold out for a widescreen version on DVD. It would be nice if future editions of this film also had a documentary about the real Misty and her life.

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5A Great Movie Adapted from a Great Book!!  Apr 28, 2003
By Deborah L. Woodstuff "IntoTea"
I have been a Misty fan since my childhood and love all of Marguerite Henry's books. This is a great family film. This film is filled with timeless family values. A wonderful film for all ages. Filmed on location in Chincoteague and Assateague the scenery is beautiful. We hope to witness Pony Penning Day first hand next year and see the recently unveiled Misty statue on Chincoteague.
Paul and Maureen fall in love with The Phantom the first time they see her on Assateague Island. Their deceased father also loved The Phantom and the two children set their hearts on buying her after the pony roundup. The do all kinds of small jobs to raise [money] needed to purchase her.
When the roundup occurs it is discovered that The Phantom has a young foal which is quickly called Misty and the two decide they want to buy them both. I can't tell you any more without revealing the entire story so you will just have to watch the rest yourself to find out what happens. You will not be disappointed.

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5Misty of Chincoteague  Aug 09, 2000
By Sandra Parzero
This is a great story of two children's love of a horse. It is refreshing to be able to watch a movie that is rated G and is also is interesting for adults, too. The scenery in the movie is spectacular, filmed on Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. It's a very touching story, and will hold your interest to the end! A real classic!

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5A wonderful adaptation of Margurite Henry's novel :  Dec 09, 1998

I have had the pleasure of reading the novel by Margurite Henry, Misty of Chincoteague to my first graders for several years. The novel itself is wonderful and gives a beautiful picture of life on the VA eastern shore. The video brings imagination to life. Yes it is a bit dated but all of my children love this movie and never notice the lack of computer generated graphics.
Note: This video has been unavailible for many years and I have had to use a very old library copy. Hooray for Disney for re-releasing it and for Amazon for offering it to the world!! Now many more children will get a chance to know this story and read the book and possibly head to "Pony Penning Day" Patty in VA.

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