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Actors: Jeff Fahey, Nick Mancuso, Tony Nappo, Carol Alt, Leigh Lewis
Director: André van Heerden
Format: Multiple Formats, Color, Full Screen, NTSC
Language: English, Spanish
Number of Discs: 1
Studio: Cloud Ten Pictures
Run Time: 98 minutes
DVD Release Date: April 29, 2008
Average Customer Rating: based on 91 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 91 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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3continues in the tradition of the popular �Left Behind� film  Jan 16, 2002
By Amazon Customer "leneker"
The final book of the Christian New Testament is called the "Book of Revelation". It relates prophecies, which deal with the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Worthy true believers will be taken en mass in to heaven during a period called "The Rapture" after this time confusion and turmoil reigns for those left on Earth. There will be false gods with false promises of peace and salvation. Many people will be beguiled by Satan and lose their souls while others will discover the true God and suffer for their new found faith.
"Revelation" continues in the tradition of the popular "Left Behind" series. It is a science fiction/adventure movie that takes place in modern times showing how those prophecies could come to life. The world has been thrown into chaos by the sudden disappearance of millions of people. For some this is a mysterious event for others it is the realization that the Christian way of life is the correct path to salvation. However, most people have been seduced by an evil dictator who has set himself up as a messiah brining peace to the world. Some people are in between; too cynical to believe totally in God or in the new leader.
Thorld Stone is one of the latter group. He desperately misses his wife and daughter, but he is not ready to embrace the new regime or the old religion. At times he is considered an enemy by both groups. Eventually Stone goes on the run and, along with some other agnostics, ends up hiding out with a group of Christians who are attempting to crack the Dictator's latest scheme for total control of the world. When those plans are discovered each person will face a choice that decides the fate of their soul and the world's existence.
This is a great idea for a movie, but I think that it comes off somewhat flat. The acting was a little too glib at points and a little too hammy and melodramatic at others. However the characters are painted so black and so white that it often seemed absurd that people could be so easily swayed. I thought that the best acting came from the charming relationship between Cindy and Willi. They had a refreshing and tender series of exchanges showing how life goes in even in troubled times. They were the only characters that I felt for and it made their tragedy even sadder than was written.
I thought that the script did a nice job of providing background for people unfamiliar with the book in the Bible. While this movie would not intimidate people who are not up on the Bible, at this level of quality, I am not sure how much interest they would have in it either.

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4Knock over this little glass of water and I'll be a believer  Feb 01, 2005

For some mysterious reason (Bias, a lack of artistic diversity, whatever) hollywood has doomed Christian films to "B" rated obscurity. That's really too bad, because those films touch people emotionally in way the 'blockbusters' never due. Revelation is a great example.

Counter-terrorism expert Thorold Stone (Jeff Fahey) is a man lost. His wife and daughter were among those who mysteriously vanished. The world is now taking sides for or against a charismatic new leader (Nick Mancuso), but Stone is just trying to finds his family.

Jeff Fahey plays Stone brilliantly as someone who's heart has been ripped out. While he says he dosen't believe in God because of "proof", Stone just can't believe because of all the pain and anguish he's suffered and sees in the world. (He captures the Athiest's dilema of those who doubt God while still raising their fists to heaven when bad things happen.) While some of Fahey's "Please help me" dialoge sounds cheesy, he acts overall like he's in another movie.

The plot of the movie, a one world government tries to enslave people via virtual reality, sounds a bit weird, but compare that to the latest James Bond turkey. This movie succeds because its not about World War III and global religion, but about individual people and how they come to terms emotionally with God.

One the best "B" movies ever.

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4Good actors  Aug 28, 2005
By David Walther

Just saw the movie and I liked it allot. The story is perfect and the actors where brilliant. The only bad thing to this movie is that it is very easy to see that it is a low budget project. But I did not expect to see a "Lord of the Rings" production so it is not anoing after all.

I can warmly recomend this film to everyone interested in the last days to come. If this movie can be used to evangelise or make people come to Jesus is another question. I look at this film as firstly christian entertainment and maybe a wake up call for lazyheads.

Good luck and God bless

11 of 13 found the following review helpful:

By Steven Hancock
My favorite film in the "Apocalypse" series, "Revelation" combines great action and suspense with a powerful message that makes it an instant classic. Even some of the big critics from Entertainment Weekly and the National Post loved this film. The DVD is good too, with a production featurette, theatrical trailers, the movie's theme song, and a great digital transfer for the film. Buy it! As I always say, I think you'll love it!
Movie Grade: A+
DVD Grade: A+

8 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5DVD Revelation  Mar 09, 2006
By Eagles Point "JW"
Excellent quality from both Amazon's end (shipping, packaging, timeliness) as well as the movie itself. I had the VCR tape already, and in a move to a DVD library, this was a must, and at an excellent price. This movie, as many recent Christian-produced movies, are finally showing the potential of A-rated quality movies. Christian film-making has had a lot of catching up to do, and this movie proves that this is not only happening, but the Lord is bringing His Word to the media in a way that will capture what He is after the most, not only by excellence in quality, but by His Spirit using that excellence. Jesus bless you.

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