Wind at My Back - The Complete Second Volume

Wind at My Back - The Complete Second Volume
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Wind at My Back - The Complete Second Volume



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Product Details:
Actors: Cynthis Belliveau, James Carroll, Dylan Provencher, Tyrone Savage
Format: Multiple Formats, Box set, Color, Dubbed, NTSC, Subtitled
Language: English
Number of Discs: 4
Studio: Sullivan Entertainment
Run Time: 600 minutes
DVD Release Date: October 04, 2005
Average Customer Rating: based on 23 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 23 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

3Great series--shamefully overpriced here  Jul 30, 2008
By Katherine of Amazon "I'd Rather Just Buy It Online"
This series deserves FIVE STARS, but the price asked for it here is nothing short of egregious--that's the only reason the program is getting demerits from me.

Head over to, the original producers of the series, and grab yourself the first two seasons for less than what they are asking here for the first season alone.

Some other distributor has scarfed up the rights to seasons three, four and five, I have heard, and supposedly they will be available in the fall of 2008 at some retailers, both brick and mortar and online.

I wish AMAZON would put them up for pre-order (at a more acceptable price than they're offering for the first two seasons, of course).

Anyway, for those interested in the series, it's a heartwarming family program, made in Canada, about a young widow and her children going through considerable trial and tribulation during the Great Depression in a Canadian mining town. There's a tough-as-nails Granny, cute kids, assorted "local flavor" town characters, and a storyline that keeps you riveted. Great costuming and sets, too. No cussin' or naughty bits on display, so it can be watched by the kiddies and those family members on a day excursion from the convent or monastery!

This really is some fine family programming--but don't pay this much for it. If you're rich and can afford to throw your money away, buy it from the source and send the money you've saved to a charity aiding the poor.

You can do much better on the price than this.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5Wind at my Back is a wonderful series. Wish America could have watched it when it was on in Canada.  Sep 21, 2010
By T. F. Hankins
I cannot say enough good things about this series (total of 5 yrs, plus Christmas episode). The series is a good, clean viewing for anyone. Each episode is so well written, the characters and the scenery depicting the Depression Era, is supurb. Loved each and every episode. Loaned to friends and they are "hooked!!!" Cannot say enough good things about this - Love it!

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5We love this series  Dec 22, 2010
By Maria
We love the "Wind at My Back" series and look forward to seeing all of the seasons. I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys good wholesome stories, especially in a time when such are so difficult to find.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5A smart, funny, and emotional season  Mar 05, 2012
By aintyomomma
1."Many Happy Returns": Honey has fallen in love with Max Sutton, and the two of them plan on getting married. May is still as hard headed as ever. Max's brother comes to New Bedford for his wedding.

2."Never Sleep Three in a Bed": Max has to cope with married life. Hub and Fat give Max a hard time.

3."The Agony Column": Grace pretends to be someone she's not.

4."Triple Trouble": Fat and Hub make a new friend, who is quite rebellious.

5." Summer Dreams, Summer Nightmares": The mine is going through a tough spell. This causes much stress for the Bailey family, and even more for Bob Bailey.

6."The Champ": Honey's brother returns to New Bedford with a terrible secret.

7."By Gosh or By Golly": When the workers believe the mine isn't safe, they begin to cause discard. Honey finds out she is pregnant.

8."Careers": Max gets slack from the principal of school because of his other job. The students of New Bedford are given a very important assignment.

9."Radio Waves": When the people of New Bedford don't want a radio show to be cancelled, Grace faces opposition. Meanwhile, Hub and Maisy try to build a radio.

10."A Ghost of a Chance": Fat, Maisy, and Hub believe the hotel is haunted. Grace and Dell's relationship grows.

11."A Meeting of the Clan": When May's cousin visits New Bedford, it cause a dispute between the two women.

12." Of All That Human Hearts Endure": May for awhile has had heart pains , and she is not getting better. The pain is getting worse. Meanwhile, Maisy has a very important obligation to do.

13." Smiling Through": May has a plan to save her precious mine. Honey has her baby.

This season's stories are smart and funny, but emotional at the same time.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5We all love it, heartwarming  Aug 29, 2010
By Amana J "Amanaj"
If you like Anne of Green Gables, Road to Avonlea, you will like this even more!! This is great, it has many REAL life lessons, it has all ages acting in it, so it will attract all ages too. We care to have clean movies with good lessons so we can all watch as a family. My teen age children did not want to watch it in the beginning, but once they saw the first episode they asked me to get the whole seasons. We are in the fifth season now and it is so nice and heartwarming when we all gather as a family and watch one episode every night.

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